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Invitation to Svennis Cup 2022 youth fotballcup in Sweden


Registration is open.
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Should Covid-19 still make it impossible to carry out the Coop Svennis Cup 2022, we will return the money on all fees paid. Everyone can feel safe registering for the Coop Svennis Cup 2022. Welcome!


We would hereby like to invite you to enter our annual football tournament with all matches played on grass football pitches. The 2022 years tournament will be held from Friday August 5 to Sunday August 7. Each team will play a minimum of 6 games, 2 games every day of the cup no matter what happens in the group stage. The first matches is planned to be played friday 11.00 a.m.

Most of the fields used under the tournament lie adjacent to the accommodation, townbaths, and very near to the town centre. – Who knows, if you’re lucky you might bump into Mr Sven-Göran "Svennis" Eriksson.

The boys tournament is contested by seven classes, and the girls tournament is contested by four classes. The yongest teams play 7 a-side, The older teams play 9 a-side and 11 a-side.


Year age groups - boys

  • Boys P15/16 yrs: born 2006 or later (11-a-side), 2x25 min.
  • Boys P14 yrs: born 2008 or later (9-a-side), 2x20 min.
  • Boys P13 yrs: born 2009 or later (9-a-side), 2x20 min.
  • Boys P12 yrs: born 2010 or later (7-a-side), 2x15 min.
  • Boys P11 yrs: born 2011 or later (7-a-side), 2x15 min.
  • Boys P10 yrs: born 2012 or later (7-a-side), 2x15 min.

Year age groups - girls

  • Girls F15/16 yrs: born 2006 or later (11-a-side), 2x25 min.
  • Girls F13/14 yrs: born 2008 or later (9-a-side), 2x20 min.
  • Girls F12 yrs: born 2010 or later (7-a-side), 2x15 min.
  • Girls F10/11 yrs: born 2011 or later (7-a-side), 2x15 min.

This website will be updated with further information nearer to the event. Meanwhile, if you are interested, please phone us or write to us at the address below.

For more information contact us by
Phone number: +46 (0)560-125 15



Match program

12-16 yrs age, Initial heats, followed by knockout phase with finals and placing matches. Trophies to 1st 2nd and 3rd placed teams (For 15-16 yrs, thera are trophies only to the teams in the A-final).

10-11 yrs age, After initial heats, end-heats continue, where the goal is to meet equal developed teams. In classes 10-11 years, medals are awarded to all players. No winning team is selected (no prize-giving, no trophies).

Team size
There is no limit on total team size, i.e. players plus reserves.
Substitutions will be made in game time.
No players may be entered in more than one team per age class.

Cups will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams in A-final in each 15-16 yrs age.
Cups will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams in A-B- and C-finals in each 13-14 yrs age.
No cups will be awarded in the each 10-12 yrs age.

Game rules
Swedish Football Association rules apply.
With equal scores in group play the following considerations shall apply:

1. Winning margins
2. Number of goals
3. Outcome of the 2 teams’ match
4. Drawing of lots

In the final matches, draws will be settled by penalty shootout only for 14-16 yrs age.

All matches will be refereed by licensed youth referees from North Värmland Referee Club.

Application and Fees
An registration fee of 1400 SEK is required per team.

Applications shall be made online or written and sent to Torsby IF (Footballs Club) or E-mail.
Payment of the application fee (1400 SEK) shall be made by latest 15 days after the application to Torsby IF account (se Payment information below). Refunds will not be made in cases of cancellation.

There are limited places, first come first served. If the tournaments maximum number of teams is exceeded, date of postage will be used to select teams entered.

Entry card (participant cards)
It is important that you complete your application by logging into your MyTeam account and ordering participant card (Applies to both players and leaders). Participant cards are partially paid by 15 May and final paid by 15 June.

Entry card 2022

Every palyer and leaders have to order at minimum Entry card D.

Entry card A
Cost 1150 SEK. Includes shared class-room accommodation Thursday-Sunday,
8 meals from Friday breakfast to Sunday lunch and entry to the disco and activities.

Entry card a
Cost 1050 SEK. Includes shared class-room accommodation Friday-Sunday,
6 meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and entry to the disco and activities.

Entry card B
Cost 950 SEK. Includes shared class-room accommodation Friday-Sunday,
and 6 meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and entry to the disco and activities.

Entry card C
Cost 650 SEK. Includes 4 meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and entry to the disco and ctivities. No accommodation are inckluded in this entry card.

Entry card D
Cost 400 SEK. The minimum participant cards required for the teams that arrange their own accommodation and food. Including entry to the disco. No accommodation or meals are inckluded in this entry card.

Activity card
Cost 175 SEK. Not required if you ordered entry cards A B+ B or C. This is a bracelet that gives free access to our popular activities (bumperball, soccer game, disco, obstacle course, etc.). Can be purchased by everyone, such as accompanying siblings and others.

Lost and broken bands: We will not replace lost bracelets. But players and leaders can replace broken bracelet with a new (only if the broken bracelet is returned).

Please do not forget to enter any special food (eg gluten allergies, etc.).
There are kiosks around most of the fields where you can buy hamburgers etc.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Evening Accomodation
Thursday no* A
Friday A A, B+ A,B+,B,C no* A, B+, B
Saturday A,B+,B A,B+,B,C A,B+,B,C no* A, B+, B
Sunday A,B+,B A,B+,B,C

Included in the card A a B C D Activity

Shared class-room accommodation
3 nights thursday-sunday
2 nights friday-sunday




Late evening snack *





Free entry to the activities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free entry to the disco Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Late evening snackt *
Late evening snack is not included in our entry cards, but it is possible to order in MyTeam.

  • Thursday night supper will be offered at Valbergsängens sports hotel. Only pre registration to phone +46 560 12900 or email to Paied directly to the restaurant.
  • Friday and Saturday evening a late-evening-snack is offered in Stjerneskolans canteen. Only pre-notification who is made via MyTeam. NOTE. This is an additional order which are not included in the guest card, the price of 75 SEK / person.

Special food
Don't forget to specify any special food (eg gluten allergies, etc.) There will be servings and sweet stall stands where you can buy burgers, sweets and other refreshment.


The registration fee are paid by May 15. and the cost for Entry cards is paid by June 15.
The registration is handled via your MyTeam-account and you pay to our bank account.
Account and payment instructions will be is written on the invoice who will be send by e-mail.


Office location: Svennis Cup office on Google map.
Shared class-room accommodation: Svennis Cup accommodations on Google maps.
The fields: Svennis Cup fields on Google maps.

Family holiday

Why not book a week’s holiday in ”Svennis-land” and finish up with at popular football tournament?

Torsby is situated at the northern end of lake Fryken. Here you will find wonderful outdoors, hiking, fishing, golf, swimming, and much more. Bring the whole family and enjoy experiences for all in the beautiful Värmlands countryside.

At the Tourist Office you can be serviced with information about Torsby — Sights, activities and accommodation — everything from cottages to hotels. We have maps, brochures and booking service for activities and accommodation. You make up your perfect holiday stay in Torsby - we have the tools to make it come true!

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